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Buying stainless steel pegs can be a bamboozling experience. There are different sizes, colours, wire thickness and grades of stainless steel to choose from. Since these pegs be with you for a very long time you’ll want to make the right choice.

Here are the main things to look out for when buying stainless steel clothes pegs:
stainless steel peg regular size

The grade of the steel.

Typically, pegs are made from 201, 304 or 316 stainless steel (marine grade). 316 grade offers the strongest protection against rust and is the best choice if you live anywhere near the coast. You can't tell the grade of the steel by looking at it. Only Best Pegs are independently tested to confirm the grade of the stainless steel so you can shop with confidence, knowing that they're the real deal!

size comparison of plastic peg with large and regular stainless steel pegs

The length of the peg.

Best Pegs are available in two sizes: large and regular. The large size (76mm) is about the same as a standard plastic peg. They can easily hold heavier items and are comfortable to pinch open. Our regular size pegs (58mm) are fine for pegging most items but because they are smaller they may not hold bulkier items as easily as our large pegs. Mixed size packs are also available, with 20 large and 30 regular size pegs.

stainless steel peg regular size

The wire thickness

Our large pegs are made with durable 2mm thick wire for strength in windy conditions and because of their larger size they are still comfortable to pinch open. Our regular sized pegs are slightly thinner, at 1.7mm and are also easy to open.

But don't they get hot in the sun?

This is the most common concern people have but this is not true, even on the hottest Australian summer day!

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